The Firm

Mezzadri Warcok is a boutique law firm specialized in Intellectual Property and Commercial Law. Founded by professionals with more than 17 years of experience in top IP law firms, aims to deliver efficient and personalized legal services working closely with its clients through the whole business process.

The mission of Mezzadri Warcok’s partners is to assist its clients as strategic allies, providing legal solutions to promote the development of their activities.

Being aware that the correct protection of intellectual property rights is in the foundation of any business growth, Mezzadri Warcok makes IP its core practice supporting its clients’ projects from the startup, assuring protection to the developments, concepts or designs which are at the origin of any success. Whether it’s a simple mechanical invention, a brand or even the most revolutionary design, we provide the best tools and professional expertise to meet their needs.

Mezzadri Warcok belongs to several national and international associations providing a cost effective international network to provide the protection of IP rights and legal services all over the world.